When I was growing up, my father worked in television. He travelled all over the world for his job. Coincidentally, my biggest dreams were to be on television and to be a stewardess named Bridgett. I don't know what happened to Bridgett. She's gone. But I never stopped wanting to be on tv. I pretended I was on tv most of the time. At night while falling asleep, while walking down the street on my way to school, pretty much anywhere I could imagine being on tv, I did. My favorite shows were Bewitched, I Dream of Jeanie, Batman and Dark Shadows.  I was very strict with myself and others about tv watching. There was no talking during tv. Obviously. That was rude. That was bad tv etiquette.  I dressed up to watch tv. Obviously. This was good tv etiquette and common sense.  As an actor on tv I have had the good fortune of being:  a murderer, a witness, a television reporter, a waitress, a teacher, a secretary, a car mechanic, a wife, a mother, a cop and mother nature, a talking toothbrush, a talking pigeon and a talking cow.  Below are scenes from The Baxter, by Michael Showalter, s scene from Everything Put Together which I wrote with my friends Adam Forgash and Marc Forster, and a scene from Malcolm in the Middle created by Linwood Boomer and me as Mother Nature for Tampax.

I am still an actress but I spend more time writing. I get dressed up to write. For a long time I didn't. But it's best if I do.