Photo by Amy McNamara

About me

I was born in New York City.  Before I supported myself by writing and acting, I had a lot of other jobs. I was a waitress, bartender, mother’s helper, cook, salesperson, english teacher, personal secretary, baker and caterer. I moved to California when I got a job on a television show. I lived there for six years working on tv shows and in movies. It was a dream come true.  When I got pregnant,  I was overwhelmed with an insatiable need to move back to NY. I wanted to be closer to my mother and I wanted my daughter to grow up walking places and taking subways and to experience seasons that were different from each other.  I live in Brooklyn with two cats (plenty)  one dog (not enough), my husband (the right amount) and one daughter (just perfect).  I like to cook and paint and read. I bake cakes for people who ask me to.